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March 2019
March 2019

Flooding will carry on in waves and varying degrees of severity over the central United States, including a large part of the Mississippi River watershed, through the spring.
A storm forecast to undergo rapid strengthening will bring drenching rain, coastal flooding and heavy interior snow to part of the Northeast and may become the next bomb cyclone to affect the United States to end the week
A brief, scientific guide to the first day of spring.
A powerful tropical cyclone that lashed the northeast coast of Australia, closing ports and causing power outages, is expected to strengthen further Wednesday.
Satellite images show the extent of flooding in the midwest
JOHANNESBURG — The lives of hundreds of thousands of people are at risk after a cyclone ripped into central Mozambique and heavy rains continue to fall. Aid groups report people clinging to rooftops and trees as rivers burst their banks and waters rise. Authorities openly worry that the world has not grasped the severity of the crisis. Here is a look at the disaster that has killed untold hundreds of people in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi. ___ ...
“Tornado Alley” is the nickname given to the south-central region of the United States, where tornadoes tend to form at high frequency. Tornado Alley is not to be confused with Dixie Alley, which comprises the Gulf Coast area and also endures high frequency of tornadoes later in the year. It is important to note that […]
Doug and Eric Alberts are trying to round up the surviving hogs on their 9-acre farm in Fremont, Nebraska; there aren't many left
Floodwaters are washing away roads, making some communities unreachable and forcing drivers to make time-consuming detours in parts of the Midwest. 
Flooding will continue in waves and varying degrees of severity over the central United States, including a large part of the Mississippi River watershed, through the spring. 
Aid workers are rushing to rescue victims and airdrop food, water and blankets after a cyclone unleashed devastating floods in Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Malawi that left people clinging to trees and crammed onto rooftops. More than 350 people were confirmed dead, hundreds more were missing and thousands were at risk. Mozambique's president says the death toll from Cyclone Idai could reach 1,000.
While this late winter warm-up has western Canadians flocking outdoors and shedding the layers, danger lies in the mountains as the above seasonal and record breaking temperatures build.
Residents flee flooded homes in Nebraska
Whether you observe from the sea or from the air, there's less Antarctica to see every year
Days after a massive blizzard, some of the cars left abandoned on the side of the road are still waiting for their owners.
This landlocked state shouldn't have any islands. But deadly flooding here could get worse before it gets better.
<p>The number of people killed in Cyclone Idai and recent flooding in Mozambique could rise to around 1,000, President Filipe Nyusi said on state broadcaster Radio Mocambique on Monday.</p>
<p>Flash floods in Indonesia's easternmost province of Papua have killed at least 42 people and badly injured 21 others, a local disaster agency official told Reuters on Sunday.</p>
The effects of sea level rise in the Bay Area could be more disastrous than what most people think, according to a new study written by a team of researchers led by the United States Geological Survey. It could cost the state of California $150 billion in property damage and impact 600,000 Californians. And the cost of retrofitting the infrastructure of the state's major ports to deal with 6 feet of sea level rise, which is the extreme end of...
Wednesday marks the official start to spring in the Northern Hemisphere and just hours later, stargazers will be able to see something that won't be visible again until 2020. The Vernal Equinox occurs at 5:58 p.m. EDT on March 20.&nbsp;
The city of Lake Elsinore shut down Walker Canyon to all visitors after thousands of people descended on the area, leading to heavy traffic and illegal parking along the 15 Freeway. The city says the “situation has escalated beyond our available resources.”
Spring is expected to kick off with most of the northern tier of the United States enjoying mild weather on Wednesday, while temperatures trend downward in California following this weekend's warmth. This winter marked by a deadly Arctic outbreak in the Midwest and Northeast, a prolonged cold snap in the northern Rockies, snowiest February on record in Seattle and rare snow in Las Vegas will officially fade to spring at 5:58 p.m. EDT (2:58 p.m....
The National Weather Service has confirmed at least six tornados hit Alabama on Thursday. The National Weather Service in Birmingham on Saturday posted ongoing damage survey reports.
After not hitting the 70-degree Fahrenheit mark in February for the first time on record, another temperature phenomenon is about to occur in Los Angeles.
In the space of just two weeks, two large icebergs broke off the Grey Glacier in Chilean Patagonia -- a sign of accelerating climate change, experts say.
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