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January 2019
January 2019

Mudslides and flooding closed roads in California as heavy rains and snow were forecast.
Snow can turn a city into a magical winter wonderland, but it can also leave devastation and destruction behind. We take a look at the worst snowstorms in the history of the US.
California’s wildfire season used to last a few months. Now the state burns all year.
A storm that's lashed Northern California with rain and high winds may have killed a man in Oakland. California Highway Patrol Officer Herman Baza says a tree fell on a homeless man at an embankment near a freeway Wednesday, killing him. Baza says the man may have been trying to shelter from the weather when he was struck.
Snow pack watchers issued a high avalanche danger warning for the greater Lake Tahoe area Wednesday as the Sierra braced for the winter's biggest storm to date. Andy Anderson, a forecaster for the Sierra Avalanche Center, warned skiers, snowshoers and snowmobilers to stay off backcountry slopes, as wind slab and storm slab avalanches — "large enough to bury a person" — will be very likely to occur during the blizzard. Even deep slab avalanches...
A perfectly circular ice floe in Maine's Presumpscot River has attracted international attention.
Authorities say a speeding tractor-trailer has crashed into a Utah restaurant, flattening the establishment and injuring 3 people. The Utah Highway Patrol says in a statement that the truck was traveling too fast for the snowy conditions in the small city of Wellington when it left a highway Wednesday morning and struck the restaurant that was open for business. The owner of the restaurant, his wife and the trucker suffered minor injuries. No arrests have been made.
Any hopes we had for a mild end to January appear over. A pair of winter storms will dump snow and ice across the central and eastern U.S. over the next several days.
Data from two Arctic sites suggest some surface layers are no longer freezing. If that continues, greenhouse gases from permafrost could accelerate climate change.
The US government shutdown hasn't impacted your weather forecast, NOAA officials say. But it might hurt experts' ability to improve storm forecasting.
A 3.4 magnitude earthquake on the Hayward Fault in Piedmont jolted East Bay residents from their beds early Wednesday.
Scientists say permafrost around the world show has warmed by an average of 0.3 degrees Celsius (0.54 Fahrenheit) over a decade.
Administration’s alternative to clean power plan would let emissions ‘rebound’ via coal-fired power plants, researchers find
Last year was the hottest year for the planet's oceans since global records began in 1958, according to an international team of scientists who track the data. They published the findings Wednesday in the scientific journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.
Australia is sweltering under record-breaking temperatures as an extreme heat wave continues to sweep across the country, causing wildlife to die and fruit to cook from the inside out.
Every winter seems a little different from the one before, and nothing is as notoriously unpredictable as the weather.
Don’t fear the flakes! Snow is coming to the Big Apple, but this time city agencies are ready to prove they’re worth their salt. The five boroughs are expected to get hit by a pair of winter storms in coming days, bringing with them what may be the largest accumulation of snow since a six-inch dumping crippled the city on November 15. If the forecast holds up, the incoming storms will be the biggest weather challenge for the city’s Office of...
Twenty-five years ago this week, a violent, pre-dawn earthquake shook Los Angeles from its sleep, and sunrise revealed widespread devastation, with dozens killed and $25 billion in damage.
An earthquake was reported off the coast of Ocean City, Maryland, on Tuesday, Jan. 15. The report was on the United State Geological Survey website.
The National Weather Service warns a "a very large west swell is forecast to arrive on Thursday," with waves expected to reach 23 to 30 feet at Bay Area beaches. In some locations, the waves may exceed 40 feet—the height of a four-story building.. These massive breakers can suddenly run far up beaches and sweep over areas that were previously dry, startling beachgoers. "Stay well back from the waters edge and never turn your back to the ocean,"...
Following one round of rain and mountain snow on into Tuesday, an even larger storm system will further raise the risk of flooding, mudslides and avalanches from Wednesday into Thursday. Los Angeles received over an inch of rain from Monday's storm, and San Diego picked up nearly 0.50 of an inch of rain. The Los Angeles basin could receive 2-4 inches of rain beginning Wednesday night and lasting into Thursday night that AccuWeather...
Strange movements in the Earth’s magnetic field forced an update to the World Magnetic Model used in navigation. But it can’t be released during the government shutdown.
Austrian officials say several a series of avalanches have struck buildings and roads but caused no injuries. Austria news agency APA reported Tuesday that an avalanche overnight in Ramsau slammed a hotel but that all 60 visitors and staff got out of the building unharmed.
In the midst of political and economic chaos, Venezuelan researchers are struggling to save the scientific legacy of their country’s fast-melting ice.
<p>An earthquake of 6.6 magnitude struck off the coast of Vanuatu in the Pacific ocean on Wednesday, at a depth of 46.9 km, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said.</p>
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